Technical Felt

Technical felt is composed of natural wool fibers, linked in mechanical, physical and chemical processes. Felt is one of the oldest textile products produced by humans, probably older than weaving.

Technical felt is used in many industries. It is used in manufacturing of hats, berets, shoes, various types of polishing wheels, gaskets, washers, insulation and soundproofing as well as for hammers in vinyl keyboards for pianos. It serves as shock absorber or vapor barrier seal. On the other hand, lubricated felt fillings act as lubricant and oil supervisors.

Product sepcification:

  • Thickness: from 2 mm to 30 mm
  • Density: from 0,18 g/cm3 to 0,70 g/cm3
  • Height: from 1,40 m to 2,00 m
  • Colour: White/Grey

Technical felt is available in the form of rolls and in the form of plates 1000 x 1000mm.

Property Unit Value Norm
Surface mass after acclimatization g/cm2 3780,2 PN-P-04613 (E)
Tensile strength across fibers kPa 5560 PN-EN-29073-3
Tensile strength along fibers kPa 4000 PN-EN-29073-3
Elongation at break across fibers % 59,5 PN-EN-29073-3
Elongation when tearing along the fibers % 97,0 PN-EN-29073-3
Humidity % 10,67 PN-91/P-04601

Polishing Felt

Polishing felt is used for finishing treatment if one aims to achieve the desired smoothness and gloss of polished object made mostly of metal, glass or plastics. Available in various formats and shapes.
We offer white and gray felt, with the possibility to cut the shape chosen by the customer.

Product specification:

  • Thickness: from 3 mm to 50 mm
  • Density: from 0,34 g/cm3 to 0,70 g/cm3
  • 0,34 g/cm3 – soft
  • 0,50 g/cm3 – medium
  • 0,68 g/cm3 – hard
  • Kolor: white / grey