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For the production of hydraulic and pneumatic seals we use SEAL Jet and SEAL-Master machines for manufacturing “on the spot”

Why CNC turning made seals?

    • Modern and fast computerized sealing method
    • We make seals up to 600 mm in diameter
    • Support for 13 basic and special types of plastics
    • Seals available almost immidiately
    • We provide advice and support on which seal to choose
    • Short delivery time of any sealing profiles
    • No need to order and store dozens (or more) pieces.


In addition to standard profiles, we are able to provide modified seals.


Materials we use
Name Temperature[ oC ] Pressure[ bar ] Media
PUR -30 +110 400 hydraulic oil, water, pneumatics
H-PUR -20 +110 400 oil (hydrolisys), pneumatics, food processing
NBR -30 +100 160 oil, liquid, hydraulic grease, pneumatics
EPDM -50 +150 160 steam, Water leach, break fluid, acid
VITON -20 +200 160 oSulfur oil, chemicals, mineral grease
SILICON -60 +200 160 hot air, ozone, chemicals
H-NBR -25 +150 160 Aliphatic hydrocarbons, oils, animal fat
PTFE -200 +260 160 Hydraulic oils, lubricants, acids, alkali,
PTFE+BRONZE -200 +260 400 high chemical resistance, oil, as above
POM -60 +100 oil, grease, high physical resistance
PA -50 +100 oil, grease, abrasion resistant

CNC cut flat seals

In our company flat seals are made with Water Jet technology so we are able to make even the most precise flat seals of any material and any shape in a short time. The seals made with this technology are characterized by clean cutting edges and the accuracy of tens of mm.


Materials vut with Water-Jet technology:


Some of the advantages of Water Jet cut seals:

  • precision
  • accuracy
  • almost all shapes possible
  • quality


For more information concerning Water-Jet, please visit: Water Cutting