Youth, commitment and lots of experience – this is a brief description of our company. SEMA Group Invest Sp. z o.o. was founded on the basis of SEMA, which has been a long-standing leader of the market and introduced numerous innovations in thermal seals and thermal insulation business. Experience, qualified staff and the highest quality of our products and services are the things that speak in our favour.

Our goal is to individually approach every customer and provide comprehensive service – from consulting, manufacturing, to assembly assistance. We want to continue to grow, so we invest in new technologies and improve our production processes, thereby increasing the scope of our activities. In order to satisfy the most demanding customers, we have obtained the ISO 9001: certificate, and we are also testing products that must meet the strictest quality standards.

A wealth of services and products guarantee customer satisfaction

Our mission is to support companies from a variety of industries – we work with energy, heating, steel, chemical and petrochemical companies, refining and shipbuilding services, and in the mining field. The quality of our activities and products is confirmed by companies that regularly use our products such as ORLEN, PAK, ISPAT or K.G.H.M.

Our specialties are CNC cutting and a newly opened Gasket Sheet production. Among other things, we offer:


Be it gaskets, gasket sheets, felt or other products offered by our company are made of excellent quality materials so that we are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. We are in long-term cooperation with companies from different industries and we are always at your disposal when there is a problem or a need to introduce new products.

Comprehensive customer service

Our cooperation with you does not end with submitting and completing a specific order. The needs of the customers are very important for us, so we make sure that everyone can count on us for professional service and full support. We employ trained technical advisors with extensive technical expertise and assembly supervision, as well as consult with our clients on the best solutions. We are professionals in the field of CNC treatment, always working with the utmost precision and care, so that you can be satisfied with the final result. We encourage cooperation and hope to achieve mutual satisfaction and the realization of even the most complicated orders.

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